Your Light, Only Better

Wall Plug Dimmer & Wall Plug Switch

Incorporate lamps, fountains and other plug-in devices into scenes with the Colorado vNet Wireless Lighting and Control System. Our wall plug modules offer small footprints and changeable cord lengths for discreet, out-of-the-way placement. Mount to the wall behind the couch or tuck up underneath the end table.

The Wireless Equation


Wall Plug Dimmer

The Wall Plug Dimmer integrates floor/table lamps and other dimmable plug-in devices up to 400 Watts into your lighting scene.

Communicating with Touchpad Dimmers, the Wall Plug Dimmer controls dimming based upon the programmed room or whole-house scene.

Now you can include the table lamp next to your favorite comfy chair into your READING scene.

Wall Plug Switch

The Wall Plug Switch serves as a 15 Amp relay for on/off control of high-wattage plug-in devices. Perfect for use on a daily basis with fountains or during the holiday season to control the Christmas tree’s lights.

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