The Right Touch

Touchpad Dimmers

Colorado vNet put a great deal of time and thought into designing integrated Touchpad Dimmers that homeowners appreciate seeing and using and that integrators find easy to install. In fact, we’ve been recognized for it…

Award-Winning Design

It’s more than just a pretty face. Our second generation of wireless touchpads are based on the award winning technology design of the first generation touchpads.

Integrated into each Touchpad Dimmer is a 750 Watt dimmer, RF transceiver, mesh network repeater and programmable buttons. No separate dimmers and keypads are required, eliminating wall clutter and making installation a breeze.

Plus, Touchpad Dimmers work with or without a neutral wire. Checking for a neutral presence, the dimming touchpads automatically adjust the dimming range, resulting in maximum wattage delivery.

Four Wireless Touchpad Dimmers

Customizable Versatility

Just like our wired system, Colorado vNet provides versatility with stylish Touchpad Dimmers that fit standard Decora® faceplates and can be customized to any home décor.

Ranging from one to four buttons, Touchpad Dimmers can be programmed to control any load or scene. They can be as bold and creative as homeowners want too—make them stand out or blend in.

Easily print functional labels such as “Kitchen” or lifestyle labels such as “Party Time” and match home décor with custom graphics, colors and fonts using vNet Builder. Should the homeowner change their minds after installation, easily reprint labels with new buttons and graphics—no need for new hardware or custom engraving.

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