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MultiLink Module

So you’ve already installed the Vibe Audio System in a home and now that client wants to implement lighting control. Or perhaps a client started with wired lighting control in the primary areas of the house but now wants to expand it throughout the whole house. No problem.

Wireless to Wired Integration

The MultiLink Module provides the gateway between the wired and wireless worlds. This versatile device speaks three languages — ZigBee® for wireless lighting, CAN for wired lighting and Ethernet for audio, climate and security.

Seamless integration of any two or all three systems is quick and simple. Control wireless lighting from the same beautiful Touchscreen that controls Vibe and the Colorado vNet Climate and Security Applications.

Wirelss to Wired

Wireless Commissioning

When commissioning our wireless lighting system, the MultiLink Module is the connection point for your computer. Simply plug your laptop and the MultiLink Module into a network router and you’re ready to go. If it’s a wireless only system, take the MultiLink Module with you when you’re done.

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