Whole-house control ... on your terms.

Additional Modules

With Colorado vNet, whole-house control is based on your terms and conditions, so let your imagination run wild. Here are some additional wireless system modules that make ours the best-designed solution in the industry.

RS-232/IR Module

Colorado vNet understands that our system may not be the only one in the house, and that different systems need to communicate with one another. To simplify system integration, we developed the RS-232/IR Module to control third party devices. So, raise those roman shades or lower the home theater screens—with the simple touch of a button.

Conversely, third party devices such as touch panels and universal remotes can trigger lighting and home automation scene changes in the Colorado vNet wireless system using either RS-232 or IR. RS-232 communication is bi-directional, so all of the system status indicators stay synchronized.

The RS-232/IR Module contains one RS-232 port and one IR input.

RS-232/IR Module RS-232/IR Module Product Specs

Input/Output Modules

The Input/Output Module provides one low-voltage input channel and one low-voltage output channel.

The input channel accepts data from a variety of sources including smoke detectors, door magnets, daylight sensors, doorbells, garage door openers and more. Any changes on the input channel can be used to trigger scenes within the Colorado vNet system.

The output channel operates in the reverse, sending signals to devices to take a specific action. It is used to control external high-voltage relays or class 2 relays such as fireplaces, shades, screens, etc.

Input-Output Module Input/Output Module Product Specs

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