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As the only design software in the industry that can import a floorplan in its native format and create your lighting control system on top of it, vNet Builder is the answer you’ve been waiting for. Import various file types from different CAD or drawing programs such as DWG, JPEG, PNG – or even use the included drawing tools to create a simple floorplan – then drag-and-drop devices onto the layout. A chandelier in the piano room, track lighting over the bar, ceiling cans, sconces, and motorized shades in the den…you name it. Then demonstrate how your design will work – and how much it will cost – before you pull the first wire.

Point-and-click Design

Once you import a floorplan, populate it with lighting loads, sensors, and Colorado vNet system devices. Simply drag objects from the menu and drop them into the floorplan. Wiring connections, both high voltage and low voltage, are added with a point-and-click of the mouse.

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Simple Programming

Program devices with simple On/Off commands, or test-drive a variety of lighting scenarios with rich, logical conditional tests. A menu-driven interface with lots of drag-and-drop items makes programming a snap.


Builder Screen

Dynamic Simulation

Evaluate how lights and other controlled devices interact with each other in a specific floorplan. Detailed graphics accelerate programming and help avoid errors.

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Accurate Estimates

Add a module to your design and vNet Builder automatically adds it to the Build of Materials (BOM). You can see what materials the system will need long before the first wire is pulled.

Builder Screen

Automated Wiring Diagrams

vNet Builder automatically generates wiring and installation diagrams for all Colorado vNet devices in your project. The self-generated diagrams avoid costly mistakes and provide unprecedented organization. Print out the high-voltage wiring diagrams and give them to the electrician. You’ll both be pleased at the results.

Builder Screen

Remote Control

Log-in to your project from anywhere in the world and remotely adjust lighting levels, re-program settings, troubleshoot the system or generate up-to-date diagrams and reports.

Builder Screen

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