Reseller Policy

Colorado vNet Internet and Unauthorized Reseller Policy

Colorado vNet sells its products only through authorized specialty Dealers, Integrators and Distributors to ensure our customers obtain the best quality experience, availability of product, knowledgeable and competent technical support and proper installation.

There have been instances where internet re-sellers, liquidators and unauthorized sellers have acquired Colorado vNet products from sources other than Colorado vNet, and have attempted to sell them to consumers. Many of these same resellers advertise Colorado vNet products but are not capable of supplying the customer with support and service.

Colorado vNet does not have, nor do we plan to have, any authorized sellers of Colorado vNet products over the internet. Should you have further information regarding internet sellers of Colorado vNet products, please contact us so that we may keep our list up to date.

Any Colorado vNet product purchased from an unauthorized dealer or other non-authorized sources, including retailers, mail-order sellers, second-hand parties, and internet-based sellers, will not be honored or serviced under existing Colorado vNet warranty policy. Any sale of products by an unauthorized source, and other manner not authorized by Colorado vNet, shall void the warranty on the applicable product.

If you are seeking authorized channels to purchase Colorado vNet products, please contact us.

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