The following Colorado vNet documents are available in PDF format. You will need Adobe's Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to read the documents.

 NameTypeFile SizeDownload 
Consumer Brochure6824 KBDownload
Integrator Brochure: Home Automation/Entertainment8758 KBDownload
Touchpad Brochure3854 KBDownload
Data Sheets
 NameTypeFile SizeDownload 
20-port Starhub Data Sheet - SH2250 KBDownload
Bridge Module Data Sheet243 KBDownload
CCTV Application Module Datasheet498 KBDownload
CD Ripping Service1544 KBDownload
Climate Application Module Datasheet466 KBDownload
Control Gateway Datasheet400 KBDownload
Dimming Ballast Module Data Sheet438 KBDownload
Dimming Module Rough-in Data Sheet257 KBDownload
Dimming Module Trim Data Sheet291 KBDownload
Input Module Data Sheet378 KBDownload
IR Learning Device Data Sheet186 KBDownload
IR Remote Data Sheet220 KBDownload
MultiLink Module Datasheet356 KBDownload
Output Module Data Sheet385 KBDownload
Power Coupler Data Sheet237 KBDownload
RS-232 Gateway Data Sheet252 KBDownload
Security Application Module Datasheet456 KBDownload
Touchpad Data Sheet278 KBDownload
Vibe Audio Encoder Datasheet256 KBDownload
Vibe Audio Server Datasheet: AS3-800/3340 KBDownload
Vibe ID1-1 Dock Datasheet1197 KBDownload
Vibe ID1-1W Wall Dock Datasheet1512 KBDownload
Vibe iPad Audio Application Datasheet378 KBDownload
Vibe MS1-1 Media Streamer Datasheet696 KBDownload
Vibe SIRIUS/AM/FM Tuner Module Datasheet326 KBDownload
Vibe Touchscreen Rough-In Kits Datasheet439 KBDownload
Vibe TS1-4/50 Touchscreen Datasheet548 KBDownload
Vibe TS1-7/70 Touchscreen Datasheet444 KBDownload
Wall Cabinet - 2 Module Data Sheet363 KBDownload
Wall Cabinet - 6 Module Data Sheet396 KBDownload
Weather Application Module Datasheet506 KBDownload
Wireless Input/Output Module Datasheet360 KBDownload
Wireless RS-232/IR Module Datasheet359 KBDownload
Wireless Touchpad Dimmer - TD2 - Datasheet506 KBDownload
Wireless Wall Plug Dimmer & Switch Datasheet365 KBDownload
WSA Speaker Flexboxes Datasheet311 KBDownload
Install Guides
 NameTypeFile SizeDownload 
5 Button Keypad Install Guide - DISCONTINUED281 KBDownload
8 Button Keypad Install Guide - DISCONTINUED811 KBDownload
Application Module Install Guide197 KBDownload
Bridge Module Install Guide354 KBDownload
Control Gateway Install Guide197 KBDownload
Dimming Ballast Module Install Guide1083 KBDownload
Dimming Module Rough In Install Guide1536 KBDownload
Dimming Module Trim Install Guide302 KBDownload
Input Module Install Guide864 KBDownload
IR Learning Device Install Guide682 KBDownload
IR Remote Install Guide170 KBDownload
Lighting (Wired) Quick Start Commissioning Guide137 KBDownload
MultiLink Module Install Guide607 KBDownload
Output Module Install Guide760 KBDownload
Power Coupler Install Guide97 KBDownload
RS-232 Gateway Install Guide543 KBDownload
Starhub 10 and 20 Port Installation Guide752 KBDownload
Starhub 20 Port Installation Guide - SH2776 KBDownload
Starhub 5E Install Guide - DISCONTINUED841 KBDownload
Touchpad Install Guide349 KBDownload
Vibe 4.7" Touchscreen Rough-in Kit Install Guide773 KBDownload
Vibe 7" Touchscreen Rough-In Kit Install Guide325 KBDownload
Vibe AM/FM Tuner Blade Install Guide- DISCONTINUED997 KBDownload
Vibe Audio Encoder Install Guide308 KBDownload
Vibe Audio Quick Start Commissioning Guide209 KBDownload
Vibe Audio Server Install Guide - AS2-800/1200549 KBDownload
Vibe Audio Server Install Guide - AS3-800/3532 KBDownload
Vibe Audio Server Install Guide-AS1-DISCONTINUED607 KBDownload
Vibe Audio Server Install Guide-AS2-400/3-DISCON453 KBDownload
Vibe CA1-70 Touchscreen Deskstand Install Guide703 KBDownload
Vibe CA1-70 Touchscreen Install Guide-DISCONTINUED1401 KBDownload
Vibe ID1-1 Dock Install Guide1154 KBDownload
Vibe ID1-1W Wall Dock Install Guide1670 KBDownload
Vibe IP1-1 iPad Audio Application Install Guide332 KBDownload
Vibe MS1-1 Media Streamer Install Guide471 KBDownload
Vibe MS1-1 Media Streamer Quick Start Guide243 KBDownload
Vibe SIRIUS/AM/FM Tuner Module Install Guide1113 KBDownload
Vibe TS1-4/50 Touchscreen Install Guide1208 KBDownload
Vibe TS1-7/70 Touchscreen Install Guide1052 KBDownload
Vibe Video Cube Network Server Install Guide254 KBDownload
Vibe Video Rack Network Server Install Guide262 KBDownload
Vibe Video Server/Player Install Guide808 KBDownload
Wireless Input/Output Module Install Guide1144 KBDownload
Wireless Quick Start Commissioning Guide170 KBDownload
Wireless RS-232/IR Module Install Guide1150 KBDownload
Wireless Touchpad Dimmer - TD2 - Install Guide1257 KBDownload
Wireless Touchpad Dimmer-TD1-Install Guide-DISC889 KBDownload
Wireless Wall Plug Dimmer Install Guide522 KBDownload
Wireless Wall Plug Switch Install Guide532 KBDownload
User Guides
 NameTypeFile SizeDownload 
AS2 Quick Reference Guide122 KBDownload
RS-232 Programming Guide3529 KBDownload
Template Guide for vNet Builder2074 KBDownload
User Manual - Homeowner - Touchpad396 KBDownload
User Manual - Homeowner - Touchscreen603 KBDownload
vNet Builder Operations Manual10500 KBDownload
vNetDirector Operations Manual1052 KBDownload

System Reference and Installation Guides
Detailed System Reference and Install Guides (SRIGs) can be found on vNet Manager.

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