CEA Honors Russound's Walt Zerbe


The Consumer Electronics Association this week named Walt Zerbe the 2012 recipient of the TechHome Leadership Award.  (... read more)

Colorado vNet Debuts Media Streamer


Colorado vNet debuted a pretty innovative media streaming product last week at CEDIA in the form of the Vibe MS1-1  (... read more)

Russound, Colorado vNet Headed in 'Right Direction'


Russound CEO Charlie Porritt says it’s been “a rough two-plus years,” but the company is “going in the right direction.” The manufacturer of multiroom audio systems has spent the past couple of years dealing with standby power requirements for Energy using Products (EuP) in Europe, where Russound has a large presence.  (... read more)

Porritt Outlines Russound, Colorado vNet Directions


Charlie Porritt, CEO of Colorado vNet Corp. and Russound, explained that the focus would be “on delivering new products” in future in line with market trends that show consumer desire for distributed A/V, simplified home theater integration, and the increasing need to connect with “the cloud” for access to content.  (... read more)

Russound and Colorado vNet Finalize Structure, Ready New Products


Russound and Colorado vNet have been quiet the past few months on the product front, but that is now changing as the companies unveil a slate of new offerings from both brands.  (... read more)

Russound, vNet Ready IP-Based Distribution


Sister companies Russound and Colorado vNet are focusing on IP-based multiroom-audio distribution in a series of new products. Colorado vNet, whose audio focus has always been on IP-based music distribution, plans two IP-based music-distribution products and its first iPad app for home-system control.  (... read more)

Higher Education Goes Global


CSU deploys technology to expand it's reach.

by Dawn Allcot

Rockwell Hall-West, part of the Colorado State University School of Business campus, deploys distance learning, videoconferencing and digital signage systems unmatched in higher education.

And, Colorado vNet was one of the many products used in this high-tech installation.

 (... read more)

CEDIA EXPO 2010: Positive Marketing AV Recognizes Colorado vNet, Russound Dealers


At the Russound/Colorado vNet booth at CEDIA EXPO 2010 yesterday, Canadian distribution company Positive Marketing AV presented select dealers with sales awards for the two brands. Called Canada Hour and held on the top floor of the Russound/Colorodo vNet booth, the event honoured eight dealers for their "outstanding work" over the past year, says Scott Bond, Vice President of Marketing.  (... read more)

Colorado vNet’s PMA-100 is a Pretty Massive Amplifier


So I have to give props to Colorado vNet for its PMA-100: this “Pretty Massive Amplifier” may not seem so massive at first—it’s only one rack space high and half a rack space wide, after all—but when you compare this puppy to other amps designed for multiroom audio systems, its 100 watts of power is undoubtedly downright Brobdingnagian.  (... read more)

Russound, vNet Prepare Broad Product, Program Launch


Russound and Colorado vNet are rolling out new products and programs while maintaining their separate market identities and putting the finishing touches on revised distribution strategies, executives said during a day-long presentation to the trade press.  (... read more)

vNet Outlines Product Roadmap


A variety of new products is in the Colorado vNet roadmap over the coming weeks and months: updated wireless touchpad dimmer, new 7 inch touchscreen, outboard local amp, custom speakers and an iPad app.  (... read more)

Russound, on Collage, Colorado vNet - and Russound


With the late-2009 acquisition of the automation and control technology company Colorado vNet, multiroom audio company Russound set the stage for accelerated fulfillment of its business goals in a custom installation market that was changing almost too rapidly for anything but a pro-active stance. This move, the market progress of the Russound PLC-based and retrofit-job-targeted Collage powerline media and intercom system, and tweaks to the Russound Web site and distribution model were all topics addressed during an extensive tour of the company’s Newmarket, N.H. headquarters last week.  (... read more)

Colorado vNet Goes International


Automation provider's vNet Builder 4.6 supports multiple languages, international tuner frequency selection, and 220v and 240v installations.  (... read more)

Putting Energy into Light Control


Long before it was fashionable, lighting control companies like Lutron, Crestron, and Colorado vNet were putting out products aimed at giving end users the ability to consciously reduce energy consumption, while bringing pizzazz to the homestead. “There’s no question that one of the biggest impacts on lighting control in the near future will come from the green movement and the increased use of high-efficiency light sources such as compact fluorescents and LEDs,” said Scott Stephenson...  (... read more)

Contemporary Home's Blueprint for Being Green


This 4,600-sq-foot home is the first custom home in northern California to earn a Platinum LEED rating.  (... read more)

Playing the Trump Card


The iconic Trump Tower is now home to a multi-floor condo renovation featuring Colorado vNet  (... read more)

Home of the Year Finalist: Plentiful Automation a Recipe for Condo Kitchen’s Success


Colorado vNet, HomeSeer, ReQuest, RTI and more bring a tasty dish of automation and A/V controls to this kitchen/dining room.  (... read more)

Colorado vNet AV Servers Easy To Set-Up


SmartHome Distribution has showcased a video and audio server that links together via network routers and CAT5e wiring, making the system easy to set up.  (... read more)

Colorado vNet Secures Funding, Plans Expansion


CE Pro reported, "Maybe there's something in the high-elevation air, because lots of good news seems to be floating out of Colorado vNet lately.

The home automation and multiroom audio/video solution provider announces some expansion plans. It says it has closed a round of private funding to fuel market expansion in North America and internationally."  (... read more)

Home of the Year: Animal Prints Help Keep Theater Roaring


Colorado vNet Lighting & Control is featured in this Electronic House Home of the Year for Best Home Theater.

Seven zones of Colorado vNet lighting hit every nook of the theater, from the proscenium to sconce lights to step lighting and to the starfield ceiling. Because the room includes entryways and an open window into the basement’s adjacent bar, billiards and wine cellar areas, Cowburn programmed several lighting scenes for viewing under any condition. There’s viewing at the bar, too, where a TV hidden behind the mirror shows up when it’s powered on.  (... read more)

Colorado vNet Arrives in Australia


Smart Home Distribution Pty Ltd will be the exclusive distributor of the Colorado vNet home automation system in Australia and New Zealand.  (... read more)

Colorado vNet Reports Double-Digit Q1 Sales Growth


Not everybody is feeling the recession. Colorado vNet reports some good sales news:
  • Double-digit sales growth in Q1 2009 over Q1 2008
  • It set its all-time shipment record in February 2009
Colorado vNet also reported record sales growth of 132 percent in December, helping the company increase its 2008 sales 111 percent over 2007. The lighting control manufacturer and maker of the Vibe audio and video systems points out that it’s doing well at a time when custom electronics industry is suffering through a 30 percent decline.  (... read more)

Colorado vNet on ComputerTalk with Dave Mason®


Mike Malone, VP of Sales for Colorado vNet discusses the company’s home automation and digital entertainment systems on the ComputerTalk with Dave Mason® radio show.  (... read more)

Digital Content Becomes More Compelling


The popularity of media servers has exploded over the last few years, with sleeker graphical interfaces, bigger storage, and better integration into whole-house automation systems. Here is what manufacturers in the custom installation business are offering.  (... read more)

Colorado vNet Bulks Up Security Blanket


Security may not be as sexy as home theater or even lighting control, but your home automation system wouldn’t be complete without it. Neither would your peace of mind.

If you have a system from Colorado vNet, your home security options have been expanded, because the company has added integration of DSC and GE offerings to go with the Honeywell Vista models already included.   
 (... read more)

Colorado vNet Security Systems Add DSC, GE Integration


Colorado vNet has added integration of DSC and GE offerings to go with the Honeywell Vista models already included in its security systems.The new offerings feature integrated security from DSC's PowerSeries and GE's Concord 4 Series.  (... read more)

Leading with Lighting


 (... read more)

At Colorado vNet, the Vibe is Sales Growth


Custom Retailer magazine writes, "In an economic atmosphere where downtrends seemingly appear at every turn, the pre-integrated systems supplier Colorado vNet is sitting pretty in the custom integration market."  (... read more)

Bright Ideas Begin Here


Lydia's Style Magazine of northern Colorado shares what's hot in home design. Custom integrator Lighting Designs & More sells and installs the automation systems from Colorado vNet®, a Loveland company. From one sleek, color touchscreen, you can control integrated lighting, audio, climate, and security control systems. The interface on these is easy to navigate and fun. When you are there, check out the customized audio playlists, which are clearly a staff favorite.  (... read more)

Colorado vNet Has Your Weather Forecast


Control systems provider Colorado vNet has added a Weather Application Module to its systems that you can tap into on a Vibe Touchscreen. Read the full Electronic House article.  (... read more)

Colorado vNet's Vibe Video Server System


Colorado vNet has launched the Vibe Video System as the newest addition to its home automation and distributed entertainment systems. The Vibe Video System is designed to safely stores a homeowner’s movies, music and photo collections on a server for instant access from any TV in the home, via a simple, intuitive interface.  (... read more)

Colorado vNet in the South Sound Idea House


The 2008 South Sound Idea House in Auburn, WA features the Colorado vNet Vibe Audio and Lighting & Control Systems which were chosen to meet the homeowners' advanced technologies needs with the priority of "ease of use."
 (... read more)

Simplifying the Complex


Residential Systems Editor, Jeremy Glowacki, discusses how control systems design is not just for code writers anymore.

Every company has its own way of simplifying the programming process, and Colorado vNet may have one of the most compelling solutions. The company’s vNet Builder package is promoted as the only floor plan-based design software in the industry. According to product manager Scott Stephenson, the Denver-based manufacturer has focused from the beginning on making it extremely easy to learn and to use.

“Our customers have told us that it can take a quarter of the time to program a complete lighting and control system with vNet Builder as it would to program comparable systems,” he said. Additionally, the built-in simulator means that the programming can be thoroughly tested and demonstrated to the homeowner before the first device is even installed.”

The new version of Colorado vNet’s software, which is coming out soon, is being designed to be  (... read more)

Colorado vNet Adds ‘Vibe’ to Smaller Homes


Colorado vNet's 250-GB AS2-400/3 Vibe Audio Server can store up to 400 CDs uncompressed, and take up little space in your home.  (... read more)

Colorado vNet Automation LEEDS to Energy Savings


When owners Gary and Debbie Imus decided to rebuild their damaged Tucson house to create their dream home, they were determined to incorporate whole-home technology that conserved energy and provide convenience and security without sacrificing any style.  (... read more)

Colorado vNet Targets MDUs with AS2-400/3 Audio Server


CE Pro reports on launch of new Audio Server for limited-space applications.     
 (... read more)

Control with a Personal Touch


Residential Design & Build Magazine interviews Colorado vNet Product Manager, Scott Stephenson, on the use of the Vibe Touchscreen for home control and product trends for remote control technologies.  (... read more)

Finding and Fixing a Home's Power Hogs


The New York Times featured the Colorado vNet Climate Application in an article on the use of home automation systems to manage energy consumption. The article shows the climate setback scheduling feature on the same Vibe touchscreen used to control audio, lighting, cameras, and security.  
 (... read more)

Colorado vNet Supports CCTV


Hanley Wood's Digital Home Online reports on the new Colorado vNet CCTV Application.  (... read more)

Colorado vNet Expands Home Automation with CCTV


CE Pro reports that the Colorado vNet CCTV Appplication enables users to watch up to 20 cameras on the Vibe Color Touchscreen.  (... read more)

Colorado vNet Integrates CCTV with System


Residential Systems magazine reports on the Colorado vNet CCTV Application as an addition to integrated home automation system.   
 (... read more)

Colorado vNet expands with CCTV camera integration


Residential Design & Build magazine reports on Colorado vNet expanding its integrated home automation system with the availability of the Colorado vNet CCTV Application.  (... read more)

The Retro Perspective


Residential Systems discusses retrofit technologies available for custom integrator. The Colorado vNet Wireless Lighting & Control System was among those discussed.  (... read more)

DBC Automation Completes Towering Install in New Jersey


Managing editor of Residential Systems’ magazine, Llanor Alleyne, recently toured an 18,000 square foot New Jersey penthouse where DBC Automation integrated a variety of Colorado vNet home automation systems.     
 (... read more)

Spotlight: In Control


The December 2007 issue of Custom Retailer recently featured Ben Beierwaltes providing the Colorado vNet perspective on home automation and control.   
 (... read more)

Audioholics Editorial: 2007 Electronic House Expo (EHX) Long Beach


Without question my favorite thing from EHX in Long Beach was the Colorado vNet family of audio, lighting, climate, security and CCTV control systems. The offerings from this company far surpass that of any others I saw on the floor in terms of simplicity, intuitiveness, and aesthetics. While there may be a few other companies that combine both lighting, audio and other control systems, nobody has done it with greater results than Colorado vNet.  (... read more)

Street of Dreams


Salish Moon is full - of high-tech tools and toys, that is. Before the walls at Accent Residential Homes' first Street of Dreams entry had risen, builder Sean Foushee called in Jen Nelson, vice president of sales at Stream Audio+Video, and the Stream team got to work on its vision for "a truly aesthetic lifestyle," Nelson said.  (... read more)

Colorado vNet Vibe Audio Distribution System


Consumer, installer, and contributing technical editor for Sound and Vision magazine, John Sciacca discusses setup and performance of the Colorado vNet Vibe Audio distribution system, an IP-based system he describes as "like never before". Read on.  (... read more)

Transparent Technology


With it's warm woods and decadent finishes, this upscale residence offers proof that a high-tech home needn't be sterile to get its groove on. The ideal home-automation system is so seamless that it's nearly invisible, and can happily coexist with any style of interior design, including one that harks back to a rich past. In the InSync Home, Cat-5e structured wiring by Honeywell is woven through an open web truss system, serving up broadband access to nearly every room in the house.  (... read more)

How to Make More Sales in Lighting and Control


Growth has been robust during the past few years but that hasn't stopped integrators from looking for more. Happily, by applying sound marketing techniques and implementing sales pearls from the field, its quite possible to double sales and simultaneously close more profitable opportunities.  (... read more)

How to Make More Money in Lighting and Control


The custom installation market is growing rapidly, causing dealers to turn away business for lack of skilled personnel. That leaves today's dealers with two choices: either live with the dilemma or make skilled personnel more efficient where the same number of people can close more sales and do more installations.  (... read more)

Next Generation Lighting and Control Technology


This industry is full of familiar if not outmoded technologies. For example everyone knows and uses RS-232 and RS-485 and their control derivatives, but are these the best communications choices available?  (... read more)
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