Nice Touch


Your clients will never know what’s behind the walls. But they’ll definitely notice the things they can see and touch—like the lighting in a room, and the buttons they use to control it.

That’s why we put so much time and thought into our touchpads. These stylish, award-winning pads are a joy to use and a pleasure to touch. They’re also incredibly easy to install, and can be customized to the décor of each room and the preferences of your client.

And that’s one of the little touches that gets noticed.


“Soft buttons” can be programmed for any function—on, off, dim, brighten. There are no pre-sets: the touchpad legend can be customized with functional labels such as “Kitchen Lights” or lifestyle labels such as “Party Time” or “Bedtime.”



The number of buttons on each touchpad is up to you and your client. Pads can be mounted vertically or horizontally in a standard rocker-style switchplate.


The low profile of the Touchpad makes it fairly unobtrusive on a wall. But your customized styling of a Touchpad can be as bold and creative as you want. Let it stand out or blend in. The choice is yours.


A backlit design with a built-in ambient light sensor adjusts the glow of the Touchpad. Set the maximum brightness of the backlight so that it’s easy to find in the dark, but won’t keep you up all night.

Design and print your own touchpad labels from your computer with vNet Builder software

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