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Starhubs are part of the communication fabric in a Colorado vNet Lighting & Control system. These plug-and-play modules act as a broadcast station, delivering data in under a millisecond to any module throughout the home.

And while the primary purpose of a Starhub is to transmit data across a system, it also provides DC power over the CAT5e wire back to the connected modules. Touchpads, Keypads, and other modules receive their power directly from a Starhub, making installation both fast and easy.

Data Everywhere

A Starhub is the switching point that allows all connected Colorado vNet lighting modules — including other Starhubs — to communicate with each other and stay in sync.

Starhub 20-Port

Power Everywhere

The Starhub injects power into the CAT5e cable, eliminating the need for system modules to be connected to an individual power supply.

3 SKU System -m Dimming Module, Starhub and Touchpad

Instant Backup

If the primary power to a home fails, the Starhub can still provide power to devices from the optional secondary power supply connected to a UPS (Universal Power Supply) or similar type of power backup. And when the power comes back on, don’t worry, all of your devices will recover within seconds and keep working as if there were no interruption at all.

24/7 Monitoring

A Starhub, just like all other Colorado vNet lighting devices, monitors itself. If something goes wrong, the Starhub notifies the correct authorized personnel of the power loss via e-mail or text paging (a Bridge Module must be installed for system alerts to be sent).

Starhub 10/20-Port
Available in 5, 10, or 20-port models to fit any size job.

Simple Power Options for the Colorado vNet Starhub

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