Peaceful Coexistence

RS-232 Control

Who’s in control here? With an RS-232 Gateway or a Control Gateway, it doesn’t matter.

These bi-directional devices act as a digital interpreter between Colorado vNet systems and third-party devices that use RS-232. So third-party systems and control devices such as touchscreens can control a Colorado vNet system, and vice versa. Lights, window shades, fountains, fireplaces, movie screens—one big, happy family, with commands and status changes traveling in all directions, keeping the digital home in perfect harmony.


RS-232 Gateway

The CAN-based RS-232 Gateway connects to the Colorado vNet system via the Starhub. It’s small form factor makes it easy to mount and hide near third-party controllers.

RG2, RS-232 Gateway physical dimensions
RG2, RS-232 Gateway Connections

Control Gateway physical dimensions

Control Gateway

Functionally, the Control Gateway is a beefed up RS-232 Gateway. The Control Gateway module connects via Ethernet to the Colorado vNet LAN and offers significantly more memory to handle the large scripts required for complex external control systems. So with the Control Gateway, it’s easy to integrate a Colorado vNet system into an existing home automation system.

Control Gateway back view

RS-232 Diagram

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