Lighting & Control

Simplify life with whole-house control of lights, shades, theater screens, fireplaces, fans and more. Colorado vNet Lighting & Control Systems do it all—in style.

Designed for the Homeowner

Convenience & Safety

Save time and steps by conveniently controlling lights and more throughout the house with one button. From the comfort of your bed, simply touch the GOODNIGHT button to turn off the main lights, dim the landscape, and set nightlights. In the morning, easily open all shades with another touch—no more running to each room.

Rest assured that you’ll never come home to a dark house again. Turn on lights from your car or have them come on automatically at sunset. With a single touch, mimic daily routines of lights, shades and more to give your home an occupied look when you’re away.

Capture the Mood

Easily create the proper ambiance for any activity—cooking, dining, cleanup, reading, movie watching, entertaining—the list goes on and on.

With one touch of the ENTERTAIN button, illuminate outdoor lighting, accent art pieces, turn on the fireplace, and set lights throughout the house to the desired levels. Don’t forget the MOVIE button which dims the lights, lowers the shades, and starts the DVD player. These are just a few examples of the atmosphere you can create with a Colorado vNet Lighting & Control System.

Match Décor

Customize labels with graphics, colors and fonts to match your style and eliminate guessing which switch controls what. Eliminate wall clutter by consolidating a bank of single switches into one beautiful touchpad control. With the unique design and simple versatility of Colorado vNet systems, the creative possibilities are endless. And if home décor changes, it’s quick and easy to change the look and functionality.

Simple to Use

Engineered for the Custom Integrator

Easy Installation & Programming

Whether it’s standard CAT5e cables that connect and power the wired system modules, or simply swapping out existing high-voltage switches with Touchpad Dimmers for retrofits, you’ll experience fast, easy, high quality installations every time.

You’ll program the system with vNet Builder, the industry’s only floorplan-based software. Simply drag-and-drop devices, program scenes and view lighting effects with our real-time lighting simulator—all before installing a single module.

After installation, scenes can be reprogrammed remotely. So if you have a laptop with an internet connection, you can login from your home or office and change the lighting in a client’s kitchen while they watch.

vNet Builder Software
Highly Reliable & Scalable

Every module in a Colorado vNet Lighting & Control System handles its own processing. With no central processor, there’s no single point of failure, making the system very reliable. Even if a module were to fail, the rest of the system continues to operate without interruption. This distributed intelligence also creates exceptional scalability. Add modules one at a time or by the dozens.

Unique Design, Simple Versatility

Colorado vNet understands that keeping things simple saves you time and money. With award-winning Touchpads and Touchpad Dimmers we provide simple versatility with very few SKUs. Customize labels with graphics, colors and fonts to match the home’s style. And if homeowners change their mind, quickly and easily reprint labels—no custom engraving or new hardware required.

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