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Other Solutions

Seems like the bright ideas never stop around here. And we’re not just talking about lighting, either. Here are some additional products that make a Colorado vNet Lighting & Control system the best-designed, most complete solution in the industry.

Dimming Ballast Module

Energy-efficient design starts with lighting for most buildings. This module saves energy with eight control channels operating multiple types of dimming ballasts, perfect for controlling the intensity of fluorescent lighting in a commercial setting.

  • Controls up to 8 multi-ballast control channels
  • Self-monitors and sends automatic alerts
  • Up to 80mA of 12VDC power per channel
  • Automatic return to previous state in the event of a power or system interruption
  • LED lights for quick, visual status verification
Dimming Ballast

Wall Cabinets

It’s not just a box full of wires. Not even close. Our 2- and 6-module wall cabinets are remarkably efficient, highly compact, cleverly designed, and tailored to the needs of Colorado vNet home automation systems. You’ll find space inside for modules and wiring, with two lockable compartments for dressing cable service loops and accessing the attached duplex outlets. Cabinets are designed to fit between the studs of a standard wall. And because they house Class 2 low-voltage wiring, an electrician is needed only to connect the standard duplex outlets at the bottom of the enclosure.

Wall Cabinet

Remote Control Overlays

Let’s face it, a remote control isn’t much use if you don’t know which buttons are which. That’s why we cunningly designed die-cut sheets of paper which, in conjunction with vNet Builder software, enable you to print customized labels for our IR remote controls. Overlays can be printed on a standard printer and, of course, formatted to your client’s preferences. Six sheets of six (36 total overlays) per package.


38V Power Supply

If primary power goes out, a Colorado vNet Starhub will switch automatically to secondary power to keep the house running smoothly. Assuming, of course, that secondary power is available. That’s where our optional 38V power supply comes in.

  • Immediate switchover if primary power fails.
  • For Starhub 10 and 20, not for use with Starhub 5 (SH1-5E).
  • Supports all Starhub modules within a single wall cabinet—one supply required per cabinet.
Power Supply

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