See the Light

Dimming Module

If you need light, hang a bulb.

But most homeowners are more particular than that. Depending on the time of day, they might want a little more light over the wet bar, a little less light over the piano, and spot illumination for their collection of modern art.

That’s where our Dimming Module comes in.

One Dimming Module can control up to 8 devices independently. And not just lights, but also fireplaces, shades, and a host of other AC devices. Our Dimming Module brings the room together with silent, fanless operation and a discreet, paintable face that virtually disappears on the wall.

Which leads us to the most amazing feature of this ingenious design: the Dimming Module’s ability to be installed just about anywhere in the house. Considered to be an electrical junction box once the cover panels are in place and with very little heat emitting from the unit, this elegantly powerful device can be hidden in a closet on the 3rd floor or above the washer in the laundry room.

The benefits of installing Colorado vNet dimmers closer to the loads that they control are:

  • Can cut electrical wiring runs by up to 30%, saving both time and money
  • Easier access for troubleshooting and repair
  • Eliminates the need to put all of your dimmers in a central location
  • The small footprint and paintable face makes the Dimming Module virtually disappear in any room.

Funny that it should be called a dimmer when it’s full of so many bright ideas.

Paintable, low heat, 8 load Colorado vNet dimming module

Total Control

The dimmer controls motors as well as lighting devices, so a variety of functions can be controlled with a single dimmer.

Heavy Loads

Each Dimming Module can control up to 8 independent circuits of 240 watts each. That’s control of six 40 watt light bulbs, four 60 watt bulbs, or two 100 watt bulbs on a single dimmer leg.

For larger load applications that require more power, outputs can be ganged together in various combinations to supply up to a total of 1,920 watts of power. For example, a 480 watt circuit, a 1200 watt circuit, and a 240 watt circuit can all be controlled independently by a single Dimming Module. How’s that for flexibility?

Easy Installation

The dimmer’s mounting bracket can be wired and installed separately, whenever electricians are on-site. The low-profile bracket allows the dimmer module to adjust to any wall thickness. Since the bracket and dimmer are separate, the dimmer can be ordered later, as rooms are finished, and painted to match the color of the wall.

Very Cool

Dimming Modules are always cool to the touch. With no fan necessary and no moving parts, our dimmer is ultra-quiet. So, go ahead, install one in the upstairs closet or behind the sofa in the living room. No one will ever know it’s there…except the designer.



Wiring for the rough-in kit for the lighting control dimming module installation



Wiring covers and trim installation for the lighting control dimming module

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