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Bridge Module

Our Bridge Module connects a Colorado vNet system to other systems inside and outside the home using existing Ethernet connections. It monitors the system 24/7, sends alerts as needed via the Internet, and with the proper authorization allows in-home systems to be controlled from remote locations. It even keeps lighting patterns on a user-defined schedule—for example, it can change lights in a child’s room from story time to bedtime at the appointed hour each night.

Event Scheduling

An internal astronomical clock and calendar generate events based on the time, day, and date. For example, lights and motorized shades can be programmed to come up softly in the morning to help start the day.

The bridge module can allow job back-up, facilitate site monitoring and remote updates, 
                        with ethernet and CAN inputs.

Self Diagnostics

The state of the system is monitored 24/7, so any failure will trigger an instant alert message. If there is a problem, chances are you will know before the homeowner does.

Colorado vNet Lighting and Control Systems connect to the bridge module.
The bridge module allows back-up and documentation with an optional CF card.

Auto Healing

The Bridge stores all knowledge of a system’s devices in the backup Flash memory card. If a module connected in the system stops working correctly, simply remove the unit and replace it. Once the RJ-45 connection is plugged in to the new module, press the commissioning button and let the Bridge do the rest. It will recognize that there is a new module in the system and will upload the appropriate script file to the device. No further programming is necessary. Just sit back and watch the magic happen.

Bridge Control

Project History

The Bridge Module is a bridge to the future. It stores information about the current installation including designs, drawings, even pictures of the installation, so future remodelers can see what’s behind the walls.


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