The Vibe Audio System

The Vibe Audio System

The first truly pre-integrated system of its kind, Vibe merges award-winning style with the power, performance and flexibility of IP-based digital audio to create a multi-zone system that delivers unparalleled control and crystal clear, reference-quality sound to every room in the house.

IP-based Digital System

What does “IP-based digital system” really mean?

First of all, it means that Vibe utilizes Internet Protocol (IP) to communicate data (such as digital audio data) on a network to multiple locations and devices. By using IP, Vibe components can be linked together via network products such as routers, switches and CAT-5e cables, making a system less expensive to install, set up and troubleshoot. Adding new components to a Vibe Audio System is as easy as plugging them into the router.

Secondly, we convert any audio signals into a digital format (PCM) and distribute the new signal across your entire Vibe system. By digitizing the signal, signal loss and noise—normally associated with analog wire runs that connect a source to an amplifier—are now virtually eliminated, even if your source and Color Touchscreen Amplifier are 1,000 feet apart.

Distributed Processing
The Vibe Audio System, like our Lighting & Control System, operates using a distributed-processing architecture: all data and audio processing is done within each individual component, with no central 'brain box'. This type of design has some distinct advantages:

  • Reliability. With no centralized processing component to become a single point of failure that could prevent your system from operating properly, a Vibe system will continue to deliver outstanding sonic quality and total source control all day, every day.
  • Ultimate scalability. Add or subtract Vibe components from a system by simply plugging or unplugging them from a network router or switch. Vibe provides the capacity to have more than 20 Touchscreens and over 20 different audio sources on a system.
  • Flexibility. Use Vibe products to provide your audio or use our Audio Encoder to add consumer components onto any system.

Pre-integrated Components

All Vibe components are pre-integrated. They have been designed, developed and tested to work together as a completely scalable, highly dependable system. Whether it’s just one audio source and one Color Touchscreen Amplifier or over 20 of each, system setup is identical, making the installation process quick and easy. Plus, the intuitive nature of a Vibe system makes learning to use it fast and enjoyable.

Vibe Touchscreen + Audio Server + iPod Dock = True Love

Easy Installation and Setup

Everyone knows that time is money. And today, we seem to have less and less time. Vibe can help reclaim some of that lost time by being fast, easy, and hassle-free during the installation process. With our simple and intuitive software applications, customizing your Vibe system setup is a snap! And as far as installing any Vibe hardware goes, just plug your Vibe components into a network router or switch and let the system do the rest.

What’s more, once a Vibe system is fully operational, its rock-solid reliability eliminates the need for constant maintenance. The only calls integrators will get from their customers will be to expand their systems.

vNetDirector for simple music management
  • Use standard routers or switches and CAT-5e cabling.
  • Self-discovery of Vibe system components.
  • Simple and intuitive software applications.
Vibe Audio Server
Fast, simple, reliable. Shouldn't all audio systems be this sound?

Development Time Well Spent

30,200 Total Hours

Vibe Engineers spent so many man-hours developing and testing Vibe that we asked them to add up the time they spent working on the system. When it was proven that over 30,000 hours had been devoted to perfecting the system and its components, we were awestruck. When asked why so much time had been necessary, the Vibe Engineers simply stated, “We did all the work so that our customers didn’t have to.”

Development Chart

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Supported Routers and Switches
  • NetGear FVS318
  • NetGear JFS516
  • NetGear FSM7328S
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