Vibe iPod Docks

Vibe Docks

For more than 90 million people, the iPod® is part of life's soundtrack, from pumping up at the gym to soothing the afternoon commute. With Vibe Docks made for iPod integration, the music doesn't have to stop when you get home.

In Charge, In Control

Park the iPod in the dock to charge, and it's instantly part of the Vibe System, streaming crystal clear digital audio to every room in the house over standard CAT5e. Use any Vibe Color Touchscreen Amplifier for control and to see song metadata.

Digital music distribution over IP

Tabletop and In-wall Docks

The Vibe Docks are compatible with many iPod products. Some exceptions include the iPod shuffle, iPod (scroll wheel), and iPod (touch wheel). Refer to the Apple Universal Dock web site for a complete list of compatible iPods.


With a sleek, modern design, the tabletop Vibe Dock is a perfect fit for any room in the house.

iPod Dock for the Vibe Audio System


Sleeker yet is the Vibe Wall Dock with built-in custom integration of your iPod with the Vibe system. Same functionality as the tabletop dock, but out-of-the-way and with no obvious cables.

iPod Wall Dock for the Vibe Audio System

Pocket-size Audio Server

With a single Vibe Dock and one Vibe Color Touchscreen Amplifier, your iPod can become a basic home audio server. As with any component of a Vibe System, you can add more Vibe Dock units anywhere on the system and stream audio from multiple iPods to multiple rooms.

iPod Dock and Vibe Touchscreen Amplifier

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