Vibe: IP-based digital distributed audio

Introducing Vibe Audio

Vibe is a revolutionary IP-based digital distributed audio system that delivers striking visual style, unparalleled control and crystal clear, reference-quality sound to every room in the house.

The Vibe Vision

We wanted to create a total product line that could meet and even surpass the definition of Intelligent Integration. It had to be versatile, adaptable, scalable, with easy installation and troubleshooting to save integrators time and overhead costs. It had to be revolutionary enough to set tomorrow’s standards, but priced to compete with yesterday’s technology. To answer those challenges, Colorado vNet created the Vibe™ Audio System.


Today’s homeowners have become increasingly technology-savvy, and have higher expectations for whole-house distributed audio systems. Customers also demand a control interface that is simple to operate, functionally flexible, highly reliable, yet elegant enough to complement any interior design. To meet and exceed these expectations, integrators need a system flexible enough to customize — whether the job calls for one room and one source or 20 rooms and 20 sources — with an intuitive, user-friendly and elegantly designed touchscreen interface.


Add and expand with ease. Select and connect a wide range of audio sources, including the customer’s existing consumer electronics devices. With Vibe’s distributed processing architecture, the same stellar audio performance extends from the smallest system to the largest.

Add new modules to the system and commission them with the press of a button — with little to no programming necessary. Installing Vibe is fast, simple and reliable.

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