Vibe Audio Encoder

Vibe Audio Encoder

Add your favorite home audio components to any Vibe system. With the Vibe Audio Encoder, it’s easy to integrate conventional equipment with your distributed audio system.

Connect & Control Stereo Components

The Vibe Audio Encoder accepts input from a wide variety of sound sources through its analog, coaxial and optical digital audio connectors. Integrated IR control allows you to easily configure your component’s transport commands (such as play, stop, pause, or skip), giving you control of your device from a handheld remote or any Vibe Color Touchscreen Amplifier.

Vibe Audio Encoder ports for multiple CE devices

Fast, Simple Configuration

With the Vibe Audio Encoder, integrating conventional audio components into a Vibe system is a breeze.

Fast, simple audio configuration

1 Configure Sources

Using our intuitive Vibe Control Wizard in vNet Builder, select your device’s make and model from the drop down menus, and the command codes for the device will be displayed in the bottom window.

Professionally designed playback screens are automatically assigned when a device type is selected, saving you time and taking the stress out of having to design your own screens. (If your source isn’t listed, our LD1-1 Learning Device can capture your control commands and add them to the database).

2 Upload Configuration

A simple mouse click uploads the device’s configuration information to the system. The new screens and transport commands will automatically propagate to every Color Touchscreen Amplifier in the system for control from any screen.

Audio Integration

Almost any conventional audio device can be integrated with the Vibe System via a Vibe Audio Encoder. From CD and DVD players and changers to tape decks, and even AM/FM tuners and receivers, the Vibe Audio Encoder brings it all together.

CD Player Screen DVD Player Screen AM/FM Screen Satellite Radio Screen Cable Radio Screen CD Changer Screen DVD Changer Screen Tape Deck Screen Satellite TV Screen Audio Screen

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