Vibe Audio Server

Vibe Audio Server

The powerful Vibe Audio Server stores and organizes hundreds of CDs in their original, uncompressed digital format for instant retrieval. Browse by artist, album, song title, genre or custom playlist from any Vibe Color Touchscreen, and stream full range, lossless CD-quality digital audio over IP to anywhere in the house

Your Music, Ready to Serve

Eliminate stacks of CD cases littering the house by storing music on a Vibe Audio Server that’s simple to install and set up. Now everyone in the house can listen to their choice of music, no matter which room they’re in.

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One Source, Multiple Streams


The rack-mountable AS3-800/3 provides three concurrent audio streams on the Vibe system, but will store 800 CDs. This server allows users to rip uncompressed CDs directly to the hard drive using its integrated CD reader.

AS2-800/3 capabilites

Complete Metadata

The Audio Server comes preloaded with a snapshot of the All Media Guide (AMG) database. This AMG snapshot identifies most CDs ripped using the integrated CD reader, without a network connection. In the event a CD is ripped but not included in the preloaded AMG snapshot, the server will automatically download metadata, including cover art, from the full AMG database online.


Complete Metadata

Rack It. 4U Rack Mountable

Rack Mountable

Both the AS3-800/3 Audio Server is 4U rack-mountable. Custom Middle Atlantic Rack Kits are available in three finishes.

MS1-1 Media Streamer with support for Pandora, SiriusXM, TuneIn, iTunes and Windows Media

Backup Drives

Optional USB backup drives are available to backup and restore an entire audio server or just selected tracks. With two capacities available, pick the drive for your model of server.

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