vNetDirector PC-based application for music management


vNetDirector is an innovative and intuitive PC-based application that gives you the power to create custom playlists, import music files from iTunes® and Windows Media Player™, rip audio CDs, and manage your music on any Vibe Audio Server. Organize and view playlists by artist, album title, track title, track time or genre.

Call the Shots

Your music collection reflects your own unique and individual tastes. With vNetDirector, you can organize your collection to suit your individual taste, too. Create customized playlists, arrange, access and select your music, your way.

Create and manage playlists with vNetDirector

Simple Music Management

Import & Manage Music

Load your downloaded music files on the Vibe Audio Server. Then use vNetDirector to select your favorite music tracks and save them as a customized playlist. Add or delete tracks with the click of a button. Or simply arrange them by artist, album, track title, or genre.

Upload Music

All files uploaded to your Vibe Audio Server are stored as .WAV files, giving you clean, uncompressed digital audio. Complete metadata is stored with each file including artist name, album cover art, album title, track title, track time, and genre.


You’ll be amazed at the clarity of the uncompressed digital audio coming out your Vibe Color Touchscreen Amplifier. From the active matrix display, select any of the customized playlists stored on a Vibe Audio Server and enjoy the sonic experience you’ve created. What’s more, all album metadata information is prominently displayed for easy reference.

Easy music management with vNetDirector

Easily Import Music from Popular Libraries


You already use iTunes to import music to your personal, portable media server – your iPod. With vNetDirector, now you can import your music to the Vibe Audio Server just as easily.

Windows Media Player

Access your favorite Windows Media Player files and upload them to your Vibe Audio Server.

Easily import music from iTunes to the Vibe Audio Server

Easily import music from Windows Media Player to the Vibe Audio Server

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