Vibe Audio System: More audio goodness

Vibe Accessories

From the iPad Application to the power coupler, these accessories for the Vibe Digital Audio System are great additions to our versatile audio solution.

iPad Application

Control at your fingertips, on your favorite device. Navigate the Vibe Audio System from your iPad, just as you would from a TS1 touchscreen.

Browse titles and album art from the Vibe Audio Server, view iPod playlists from the Vibe Dock, listen to SIRIUS/XM radio stations or play a favorite CD from a CD changer via the AN1 Audio Encoder.

Best of all, once a simple license is enabled for a location, the Vibe Audio Application is a free download from the Apple App Store and can be run on up to five iPads.

  • Familiar Vibe Audio controls
  • Seamless integration into the
    Vibe Audio System
  • Easy download from the Apple App Store
  • Uncomplicated setup and installation
  • Simple site licensing
  • Support for up to five iPads on one site
iPad Application

Power Coupler

The Power Coupler delivers power to the CA1-70 Touchscreen via the unused wires in the Ethernet data cable. Its small size makes it easy to install near the Ethernet switch.

  • The Power Coupler is an elegant solution when pre-wire constraints don't allow a direct power connection to the CA1-70 Touchscreen.
  • Two RJ-45 connections and a Power connection are all that is required.
Power Coupler

IR Learning Device

The IR Learning Device allows vNet Builder to learn IR codes via the USB port directly from the CE device IR remote. It can handle modulation frequencies from 18-80kHz, and can be used to transmit learned IR codes to confirm that they were learned correctly.

IR Learning Device

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