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Touchscreen Weather Menus

The interface is clean and simple. With a couple taps on any Touchscreen in the house, homeowners can easily plan for their afternoon golf game or that upcoming trip to Sapporo, Japan.

Current Conditions

Hit the Weather button on the home page and select the desired location to show current weather conditions for your default city. You'll see temperature, wind speed/direction, humidity, barometric pressure, dew point, and visibility—as well as tomorrow's outlook.

Weather conditions screen

Hourly and 5-day Forecasts

Quickly switch from viewing current weather conditions to hourly or 5-day forecasts with a single tap. It's simple to see what time the snowflakes will start to fly—or what Saturday's high/low temps will be.

5-day forecast screen

Worldwide Locations

Choose from a list of previously viewed cities and easily add locations by entering a zip code or browsing by country/state/city. In addition, users have the flexibility to make any location the default or rename locations—e.g., "Beach House."

International Locations

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