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Security Touchscreen Control

Instant, intuitive control of your home's security system all made possible with the Colorado vNet Touchscreen Amplifier. It's security management at your fingertips.

Security Home

From the HOME screen, touch your way into LIGHTING, AUDIO, CLIMATE or SECURITY control. The HOME screen also displays the date, time, and what's playing on your Colorado vNet Vibe Audio System—think of it as a dashboard for your home.

Colorado vNet Vibe Touchscreen System with 6 Applications, Audio, Lighting, Climate, Security, CCTV and Weather

Security Keypad

To access the security application, simply tap SECURITY on the HOME screen and you are instantly taken to the security keypad screen, where you'll have full control of your system. Touch the numeric keypad to enter the security code and system command.

Security Keypad

Panic Buttons

Using easily identified "panic" buttons, you can quickly notify fire, police or medical response teams—from any Touchscreen in the home. If necessary, touch and hold the button for two seconds to issue the appropriate emergency alert. Really, there's no need to panic—help is just a Touchscreen away.

Request emergency assistance with panic buttons

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