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Application Modules

Controlling your security system, climate system, and security cameras, as well as accessing weather information, via the Vibe Touchscreen Amplifier is made possible from the appropriate Colorado vNet Application Modules.

These application modules link the Colorado vNet system to various home systems while providing control from any one or all of the configured Touchscreens. Each pre-integrated module provides the drivers that speak the language the home system understands.

Smart Money

The Application Module comes in several different models to best fit your needs. If you want just a few touchscreens controlling your security system, then the SE1-5 Security Application Module is ideal, supporting up to five individual touchscreens. Need to see security cameras from every room? Then the CC1-20 CCTV Application Module is the perfect fit, supporting up to 20 individual touchscreens.

Simply decide how many touchscreens to use for each home system. For example, you can have just one touchscreen with security and cameras, another with lighting and climate and weather information, and another that just has audio. Then choose the appropriate Application Module. No need to spend money for capabilities you will never use.

Security Control Specs

Select the application module that’s right for you.

Application Module SKU chart

1-2-3 Go

Installing and customizing an Application Module is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Connect the module’s RS232 port to the home’s climate or security system.
  2. Connect the module’s Ethernet port to the vNet LAN.
  3. Customize the module using vNet Producer.

The final touch is quite literally yours—simply touch the application of your choice and you’re off and running!

Installing an application module is three easy steps.

vNet Producer for Commissioning
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