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Climate Touchscreen Control

Instant, intuitive control of your home’s climate system, all made possible with the Colorado vNet Touchscreen Amplifier. Touch the screen and away you go. Here’s how.

Climate Home

From the HOME screen, touch your way into Lighting, Audio, Climate or Security.

The HOME screen also displays the date, time, and lets you know what’s playing on your Colorado vNet Vibe Audio System—think of it as a dashboard for your home.

Want to add a personal touch? Choose from over 20 designs to customize each Touchscreen to match room decor or theme.

Heating and Cooling

Heating and Cooling

To set the temperature for any room in the home, simply tap CLIMATE on the HOME screen and you are instantly taken to the Touchscreen’s preferred climate zone menu. In most cases, this is the zone where the Touchscreen is located. You can change the preferred zone at anytime with the vNet Producer software.

This temperature menu is where you can view the current temperature, set the heating and cooling system’s turn-on and turn-off points, view the temperature indicated by the optional remote sensor, put the system on auto, turn off the system, manage your setback schedule, or go to the ZONES menu.

Inside Outside Screen


Who doesn't want to save money on energy bills? Using the setback management feature, you only pay for heating or cooling comfort at the times you need it.

Day by day control can be customized to fit your lifestyle. Simply tap the SCHEDULE button to access your 7-day setback schedule with four set points per day. If you go on vacation, use the HOLD button on the temperature menu to suspend the scheduled operation.

Setback Screen


Use the humidity menu to view the current humidity level, set the target humidity level, view the temperature indicated by the optional remote sensor, put the system on auto, turn off the system or go to the ZONES menu.



Do you want to set the temperature or humidity in another zone? It’s easy, simply touch the ZONES button and you are instantly taken to the ZONE menu page. Once there, touch the desired zone and the vNet Climate System will automatically display the temperature or humidity menu.

So there you have it — control any or all of the climate systems in your home from a single Colorado vNet Touchscreen — now that’s integrated.


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