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Home Integration

Instant, intuitive control of your home’s CCTV cameras is made possible with the Colorado vNet Touchscreen Amplifier. As an integrated part of the Colorado vNet system, the same touchscreen you use for controlling audio, lighting, climate and security systems can also be used to display video from security cameras.

Camera Home

From the HOME screen, touch your way into LIGHTING, AUDIO, CLIMATE, SECURITY or CAMERAS. The HOME screen also displays the date, time, and lets you know what’s playing on your Colorado vNet Vibe Audio System—think of it as an instrument panel for your home.

Color Touchscreen Amplifier with CCTV support

Camera List

To access the CCTV Application, simply touch CAMERAS on the HOME screen and you are taken to a scrollable list of CCTV cameras. The default camera is instantly displayed and you can easily select other cameras you’d like to view.

Color Touchscreen Amplifyer with CCTV support

Pan/Tilt/Zoom & Touch Centering

Zoom in to see which child is doing cannonballs off the diving board.

If the chosen camera supports pan/tilt/zoom, the available controls will be shown as an overlay of the video image. Simply touch the up/down/left/right arrows or the plus/minus icons to adjust the camera view to your liking. A toggle button allows you to hide pan/tilt/zoom controls for unobstructed viewing.

In addition, cameras may also support pan/tilt touch centering, where touching the video image display centers the camera on the point touched.

There you have it — if your cameras provide these capabilities, your Colorado vNet touchscreen will automatically allow you full control.

Color Touchscreen Amplifyer with CCTV support

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